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Rua & The 'FlyeFit Inspire Series'

This month, I finally got to feel like a fitness Superhero!

Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated with fitness and training. My uncle used to have 2 old grey dumbbells in his old bedroom over at my Granny's house in Blackrock, and any time my mother left us there while she ran errand, I'd sneak up to his old room and do a few bicep curls, just like I'd see on TV...trying my best to look like a Superhero. When I got older, he let me keep those dumbbells and bring them home to Monkstown with me, where I'd curl and curl and curl trying to workout...I didn't have a clue what I was doing (YouTube wasn't around at this stage!), but I really enjoyed it. As a child with ADHD, it was a great way to tire myself out! That developed into my changing the family Garage into a workout zone with an old paint-splattered stereo system and home gym that I saved up for months to buy. This was all whilst being a Schools and Club athlete representing Dublin and Leinster in Cross Country racing!

The bottom-line? I've always been fitness mad!

After I got badly burned in the fire performing accident (detailed in the video), I was told to avoid the gym...which went against every fibre of my being, as it always made me feel so great. So, like most kids, I rebelled and did the opposite of what I was told, and the rest is a piece of history that you can experience by watching the video below.

I owe a big thanks to the great people at FlyeFit (This isn't a sponsored post, and I haven't been paid to be involved with them - I'm just a member!), and the very talented guys over at Collective Dublin who filmed and produced this awesome video.

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