Magic for Exiles is one of Ireland’s first Live interactive Magic and Mentalism show for groups and corporate teams. An intimate show of Mind Blowing magic across Zoom, Skype or Hangouts is just a few clicks away! What are you waiting for?



In my 14 years as a professional Entertainer for Corporate Events, Weddings and Private Parties, I’ve performed on the biggest stages in the country for some of the biggest brands, and coolest people in the world. Reviewers will tell you that I perform a lot of incredible magic, I read minds and body language in weird ways, and sometimes, I even make people’s private possessions disappear. However, in March, something else vanished unexpectedly - My entire business!


While my normal year consists of around 90 - 100 shows across Ireland and parts of Europe, all of these events have been cancelled as the terrifying Covid-19 has ravaged the world, and changed life as we know it for the foreseeable future. With the entire world stuck indoors and growing tiresome of Zoom quizzes, workouts and team Happy Hours, I desperately wanted to bring a sense of Magic, Fun, Astonishment and Connection to as many people as I can through their computer screens. What better way to break up the digital fatigue than with a live, interactive Zoom Magic Show. Since March, I’ve been secretly testing a new fully-online act through Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and Instagram Live (yes, my family and friends all hate me now, and will not answer my calls!), and am thrilled to share the result with you now.


Magic For Exiles

Magic for Exiles is one of Ireland’s only online Magic and Mentalism show for groups and corporate teams. Through an intricate blend of Magic, Mentalism and Sleight of hand, Rua will interact with each audience member and perform something truly incredible for them, using Cards, Coins, Thoughts and items that you will have in your own home. Here are some snippets from the show:


Opening up with a piece about why humans see ghosts, Rua will explain why invisible patterns play such a vital role in the neuroscience of illusion, and demonstrate it in quite an incredible way.


Moving forward from that, he’ll explore the predictable nature of humans and how he tries to exploit ‘Blind Spots’ in our minds to create impossible predictions as to what choices viewers will 'freely' make during the show. He’ll even risk putting himself in physical harm to prove the point.


Additionally, Rua will see which of his viewers are the most susceptible to subliminal influence through their computer screens. Are the choices you make completely free? Or can he shape and control them without you ever noticing.


All of this, as well as sleight of hand demonstrations, Mentalism, Mind Reading and interactive pieces that everybody can witness at the same time together, making sure everybody gets to be involved!

All of this, plus so much more!

Still on the fence? Here's a review from a recent client who booked their team in for a show:

Sean McGarrity
Director | Elite Fitness & Performance Academy

"When I hired Rua with the idea to do one of his world famous live shows via Zoom to our groups, I was confident it was going to be good. But I was shocked when what we got was something absolutely phenomenal. Nothing from the live show was diluted down or lost, in fact if anything I felt closer to the magic and it was even more surreal than I could ever have expected. I’m so glad we raised our budget up for this gig and hired a true professional because this was worth double what we paid and I still have clients talking about and asking for more to this day. I can’t wait till our next gig, as we’ve already rebooked!"

The show is between 30 - 40 minutes in length, and can hold any number of attendees at once. Back-to-Back shows can also be booked in blocks by clients across an evening for a more intimate feel.


For more information and prices, please email info@iamrua.com or fill in the enquiry form below.

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