The V.I.P Act

Welcome to this secret page, where I'll give you a brief insight into what kind of material I perform at Private Parties. Fortunately, my act has been tried at tested at 100's of private gigs, and has also been featured everywhere from The Late Late Show, to The Saturday Night Show. I can promise with absolute confidence that all of your guests, young and old, will love my unique brand of Magic & Mind Reading, and will rave about the things they saw for months afterwards. You can safely and reliably trust me to add the *WOW* factor to the special party you're planning -  something that's missing from so many 'normal' parties these days. Why have an ordinary party, when you can have an extraordinary one instead!?


Here are some things your guests can expect to see when you book me for your private party.



During my act, I try to borrow personal items from guests as often as possible. Most often, I borrow their Wedding rings and make them disappear! This creates space for some great moments of comedy with your guests. But, before the panic sets in, the ring miraculously reappears somewhere impossible - sometimes in a sealed envelope inside my wallet, sometimes in a locked box in my pocket, and sometimes, it reappears securely looped onto my car keys. You can see my performing this piece with Maura Devane on RTE's 'Today' in the video below, along with some money magic as well.


Sleight of Hand

I wouldn't be much of a Magician if I didn't do the occasional 'Card Trick'. But please, forget what you may have seen your uncle or grandad do when you were a kid, and forget about that friend who knows one simple 'trick' that you saw them do in a bar once! This is a world class level of sleight of hand with playing cards, the likes of which your guests will have never seen before. Signed cards will vanish and reappear in impossible places, cards that are torn up will restore themselves in between your guests closed hands, and decks of cards will sometimes even turn into a block of solid perspex you'll see in one of the two videos below. The cool thing about my card tricks is that your guests will keep their signed card as a souvenir in their wallet for weeks afterwards. I can genuinely say that I've met some of the same people at different events, and often times they'll show me that they have still kept the card they signed when they met me last! 



Mentalism is a bit like mind-reading! The only difference is that I completely and openly admit that I posses zero Psychic skill whatsoever. However, over the course of my career, I've developed some very tight and reliable skills in body language reading, micro expressions and even poker tells. This lets me accomplish feats that look, and feel like real mind reading! I can figure out the name of the guy your Granny shared her first kiss with, I can predict what kind of choices your uncle will make, and I can even figure out the PIN codes to your guests credit cards, as you'll see me do in the videos with Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show, and Amanda Brunker on RTE's Today below. This is a very unique and rare type of entertainment, and with the rise of performers like Derren Brown and Keith Barry, it is extremely popular at parties. Women, especially, love taking on the challenge of having their minds read, and it leaves a lot of room for comedy and fun in between each revelation.



Everybody loves some Special Effects, and my act packs a few surprise punches when your guests least expect it! The magic I perform with bursts of fire is 100% safe (it's only ever performed in a controlled environment indoors), and visually stunning. Not only that, but it's a huge attention grabber in packed reception room of guests enjoying some Champagne and beers. Cards will burst into flames, rings will vanish in flashes of fire and my own business cards will momentarily combust before I hand them out to guests as souvenirs. Below, you'll see me performing a piece with fire and cards for Dáithi on RTE's Today, and you'll catch a split second of me performing my finale-fire piece  in Jameson's latest commercial.

Entertaining at a Private Party
Would you like a business card_
Entertaining in The Morrison
Wedding Magician
Maria & Ian's Wedding
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magician's Smile!
Charming the Charmers
Magic at Maria and Ian's Wedding
Wedding Magic For The Happy Couple
Focusing on the Wedding Magic!
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic
Wedding Ring Magic!
Magic for the Happy Bride!
Stunned Bride in Cork
Magic for the Happy Groom!
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic
Magic for the ladies in Mayo
Wedding Magician
Wedding Magician Breaking The Ice
Magic for the ladies
*Reaction Face*
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magician
Wedding Magician
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic For All!
Stunned by the Wedding Magician
Wedding Magician
Anything for a smile!
Breaking the ice
Smiles all around
Watching Closely?
Wedding Magician

Recent Reviews

Each month, I post 2 recent reviews from clients in this section. This 5 Star review is verified by Google, and the client who wrote it is happy to act as a reference for potential clients.

We hired Rua for our wedding and couldn't recommend him highly enough. People are still raving about him to me nearly a month later. It was the perfect way to keep the guests entertained and really put everyone in such great form and got both sides really mingling with one another. It really is the perfect way to start the wedding reception. Hearing all the laughter and screams from people reacting to Rua's magic was amazing. He is truly amazing at his art. Thanks again Rua!

- Eoin McMahon

My wife and I had the pleasure of having Rua entertain guests at a BBQ held at our home in July, following our son’s wedding the previous day. We were absolutely delighted with the performance that Rua put on. Guests ranged from young adults to the very mature, and they were all puzzled by, and enthralled with, at the tricks that Rua did for them. We all know that magic is in the eye of the beholder, and lies in the hand of the artiste, and Rua did not disappoint. The magic tricks that he pulled off, literally under our noses, continue to mystify us, as they mystified our guests on the day. Rua is highly professional, very slick in what he does, and has a great rapport with his audience. He moved smoothly from table to table, working his audience, with enviable good spirits. Rua provided us with two hours of top class entertainment under a very hot July sun, in excellent humour throughout. Rua was very professional to deal with in organising the performance, he arrived right on time, and his rates were very reasonable. Such indeed, they compare very favourably with other magicians whom we had contacted. A wonderful experience!

- Brendan Liddy

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