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Alongside sleight of hand and deception, Rua's interests also lie in the Neuroscience of how psychological illusions and magic work - something which was explored whilst curating the ILLUSION Exhibition for Science Gallery Dublin. This interest has been channelled into a fun and informative presentation / talk which has been shown to multiple companies, Universities and Schools across Ireland, and features explanations regarding the psychology of magic, why we see ghosts, and why we think we hear things go bump in the night.

Another area of interest for Rua is that of the Psychic Industry and the fraudulent techniques they claim to have, which they utilise to prey on the vulnerable and exploit the weak. During this talk, Rua explains the history behind the Psychic industry, as well as demonstrating some of the main techniques employed by psychics during seánces, readings and Tarot card readings. Definitely not a talk for the hardened believers, but certainly something that pleases that scientific and skeptical minds in the audience.

Lastly, a main area of research and study for Rua is the history of magic, mainly, the life and career of his hero, Harry Houdini. In an insightful, unique and highly engaging talk, Rua takes the audience through the story of Houdini's life - something that reads like a mystery thriller novel, whilst demonstrating some of his favourite effects and regaling the audience with some fantastic anecdotes that mystify, entertain and enlighten. The show climaxes with an on-stage straitjacket escape performed by Rua, after he's restrained by members of the audience. Video footage of this talk can be viewed below. 


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