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Summer Time Magic

With Summer right around the corner, the days are getting longer and the sun is getting warmer! For this Dublin Magician, that can only mean one thing...Corporate BBQ Season is upon us all!

Entertaining in the sun!

Around this time every year, my inbox gets bombarded with awesome event enquiries from really cool companies in Dublin, and further afield in Ireland, who are looking for a way to really shake their entertainment up, and add the *Wow factor* that we all crave so desperately for our events!

Having had the pleasure of working at company BBQ Parties for 12 years now, I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in Ireland, and have really gotten a feel for what kind of material works best in these environments, and as a professional Magician, I’ve seen first-hand how well Magic works to break the ice early on at the party. It’s such a unique art form that guests may only get to see up close a handful of times in their lives, so it always creates a huge sense of excitement when guests know there’s a Magician present. It also caters to everybody in a non-obtrusive way, making Magic a super flexible form of entertainment.

Dublin Magician
Entertaining at a bar in NYC.

As guests arrive in their Hawaiian Shirts, Grass Skirts, Funky Sunglasses or Summer Suits, I love approaching them as they enjoy their first drink, introducing myself as a The Magician, and offering to show them something INCREDIBLE. Within two minutes, everybody nearby crowds around and gets involved in the Magic, cracking jokes and clapping like crazy. This energy has a wildfire effect on the rest of the party and suddenly word gets around that there’s a Magician doing “insane magic tricks” or “reading people’s minds”, and everybody wants to watch and be a part of it.

The best part about my close up act is that I don’t need anything special at all to do my thing! No mics, no stage, no special lights, no chaperone…nothing, just me, and their minds! I go from group to group and start performing using cards, coins, their phones, their thoughts and so. Each and every time, it has left even the hardest skeptics at the party with a smile on their face.

Dublin Magician
Think of an Actor!

As these parties tend to happen between Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (with staff family days happening on Sundays), there are only a certain amount of slots available. I tend to do 2-3 shows a night across Dublin during the summer season, and so it’s always advised to get in as early as you can to secure a booking, before the date is snapped up by somebody else.

If you’d like to speak about your Company BBQ Party or any other events, shoot me an email at , give me a call on 086 3999 223, or just fill out a contact sheet on my website.

I’m excited to hear from you!


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