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Virtual Magic and Mentalism Shows

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Admittedly, when we first went into lockdown, and all of my 2020 bookings were cancelled or rescheduled, I wasn't really excited about the idea of performing a full virtual magic show over Zoom.

You see, I'm a live performer. For the last ten years I've made my living from performing at the biggest events in Ireland - on stage, and up close and personal in and amongst the crowds. It's a skill set and level of experience that simply can't be bought. It's also one of the biggest adrenaline rushes you could ever imagine!

After all, the fear of public speaking, or 'Glossophobia', is statistically the biggest fear in the USA, and ranks pretty high across the rest of the world too.

How can a Virtual Magic Show possibly match that? They can't physically pick a playing card from a deck of cards. There's no touching, no pickpocketing, no misdirection, no picking up on subtle body language cues, no vanishing their personal items and making the reappear across the room.

But, like you, I'm a guy that really enjoys a challenge.

So, I stopped feeling sorry for myself after the first week in lockdown and created the first Virtual Show in Ireland at the time, 'Magic For Exiles'.

Why the name? Because I felt so far removed from all of my friends, family. My girlfriend was isolating with family in Barcelona at the time, and I felt like I had been exiled to my own home!

Immediately, I had to put my money where my mouth was, and test this act out. So, I contacted some of my regular clients who I knew were holding early zoom events, and asked if they'd let me test my theories out, and put on a virtual zoom magic and mind reading show for their colleagues.

This was something so different for them, and so they jumped at the chance!

The first couple of performances went well, but weren't up to the standard I had created with live events, so I retired the act and completely restructured it to make it even more interactive and even more impressive! I added lighting, and a few other elements to boost the production value and make it as high quality as I could.

Quickly, I fell in love with the process. It's a completely different experience and challenge as Magician and a Mind Reader to perform through the screen, but I now get just as excited about Virtual Shows, as I used to for Live Shows on stage.

After many, many performances across the summer of lockdown, I am now delighted to offer it as a regular 'bookable' service, and am so excited that most of my clients have come to me to book their staff parties for Halloween and Christmas.

Virtual entertainment is now the new normal for events, and will be for the foreseeable future. So, what are you waiting for? Book your team in today, and let me blow their minds, VIRTUALLY!

Read all about the show, and how to book - HERE.


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